A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

_Zig and Wikki_ Passes the Son Test

TOON BOOKS' latest hardbound kids comic comes from Nadja Spiegelman (yes, that Nadja Spiegelman!) and Trade Loeffler and is the tale of two aliens on a mission to complete a late homework assignment when they discover a big ol' ball of blue called Earth. Wikki, a walking database, helps Zig learn about native wildlife as the two try to capture a species for class.

I have trouble evaluating TOON BOOKS' titles because I've never taught elementary school and don't really see myself as good with gauging the interests of kids under ten.
Luckily, my oldest son is just shy of 4, and his reactions to the texts typically tell me all I need to know since the goal of the company is to get young gals and guys interested in comics texts and in reading in general.

While my son was not as riveted with this text as he was with Little Mouse (but, to be fair, that book talks about underwear, a topic of absence in the Spiegelman and Loefller collaboration), I've never heard him guffaw with laughter quite like he did with this book. He loved the chase scenes and all the different animals. He also asked questions about the animals the two main characters chased. Each animal was one step up in the food chain, and he seemed to make the connection enough to ask why one critter was trying to eat the other. So, he was actively engaged with the text and clearly interested. I'd say that signifies "mission accomplished."

I asked him to tell me if he liked it outright, but he just looked at me wide-eyed and put his finger over his lips as if to say, "I'll never tell!" This leads me to believe that he may be on to the Son Test.

After all, most of these TOON BOOKS have a similar look. Perhaps he knows what's coming. I can't read his mind, but I'd say that means to him that when daddy brings home a thin hardbound comic, it means he's in for a good time and a good read.

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