A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

And the Congregation said "Amen!": The Spurge weighs in on Equating All Comics with Super-Hero Comics

Kudos to Comics Reporter's Tom Spurgeon for taking to task a blogger's perhaps well-intentioned post of the most important "gay moments" in comics. The problem? Every single entry came from super hero comics. Spurge's complaint, and a pet peeve of mine as well? The embedded assumption from the writer that super hero comics are the only genre that count, if not the only genre that exists.

Spurgeon calls for a a simple solution: If you're doing best-of lists or articles that focus solely on super hero-genred comics, say so.



Mr. Wilson said...

Most of what my 4th grade students choose to read are comics outside the super hero genre.

Bucky C. said...

Exacerly! :)

Kids know the difference in genres and what they like, why can't adults and academics?