A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ICV2 Reveals Top Ten Kids Graphic Novel Properties for 2009

Neat list. Glad to see Bone making the top 10. If you want to visit the main site, they also have a list of top 10 super-hero properties for 2009.


mj hollman said...

While I looked at the ICV2 page, I saw a "hot property" term, "Bleach." Curious (Clorox? jeans?), I clicced and saw the article about Nick Simmons (Incarnate) who is evidently a manga artist. Charged with plagiarism, Simmons says it is "homage." See also reference in the article to Helen Hegemann, young German writer, who says originality is passe. So last century. (my paraphrases.)

Bucky C. said...

Yeah, Manga culture in Japan is, from what I can gather, not very copywrite concerned. Characters that look like other folks' characters pop up all the time, etc. But, Nick actually swiped art pretty much directly. Not sure how that will play out for Gene's boy. ICV2 is a interesting site: marekt oriented, but they sometimes have stuff relevant to my goals here.