A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ooligan Press's Classroom Publishing Guide Available!

Ooligan Press has released Classroom Publishing: A Practical Guide for Teachers, 2nd edition. The main website can be accessed in this post's title, and the press has a title-specific blog here.

What's this have to do with comics and education? My past exploits as a secondary teacher are detailed along with many other familiar names. My section deals with making and publishing comics, of course. :)
I have an advance copy, and I have to say, while I was a little dubious when I was being interviewed for the project a while back, I really do think the book is a good resource for current and future teachers. I'm thinking about adding it to some of my classes and suggesting it to colleagues. It is thorough, chocked-full of real-life examples, and takes on a broad definition of publishing appropriate to "best practice" thinking.


Marianna said...

Thanks for your kind words about Classroom Publishing. We're honored to feature your work, and I hope you will share the book with colleagues.

Katrina Hill said...

Thanks for your great review! It was a pleasure interviewing you for the book and it's so nice to hear your thoughts on the final book.

Bucky C. said...

My pleasure, ladies. :)

Booklander said...

Thanks, Bucky. For the kind words and for your part in the book and the lives of students. Consider, too, that this book is an example of classroom publishing, but from a graduate program that uses publishing to teach publishing, and where the students run the publishing house.

I've seen it at every grade level, used across the curriculum, and it sure is fun and amazingly productive almost everywhere. When students own the process--though each in a different way--literacy, communication, creativity, and collaboration flourish.

We hope teachers join the conversation, sharing their best practices and exploring the possibilities in classroom publishing on the Ooligan Press Classroom Publishing site you linked to in your title. Or here's another link that goes straight to the discussion: www.ooliganpress.pdx.edu/cp/.

And we should all feel as lucky as I do to have students like those at Ooligan Press who created this marvelous contribution. Their names are in the book. They blow me away.

Dennis Stovall
Asst Prof
Dir of Master's in Writing/Publishing
Publisher, Ooligan Press
Portland State University

Bucky C. said...

Great comments, Dr. Stovall! Indeed, if the book is any indication of their overall work, they've got a great leader and do great stuff.