A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Textus/Praxis Revisted!!

I was thrilled today to find, after doing some web surfing, that an interactive project that I created back when I was a doc student has been revived/archived and is accessible again to the general public.

The project was created in a class under Dr. Margo Figgins, to whom I'm eternally grateful for putting the pages back up after an absence.

The project is entitled Textus/Praxis and details my early thoughts on textuality, reading, literacy, and how they can all intersect -- through graphic novels and via a revisioning (or, as the New London Group might call it, a "redesigning" -- though I might suggest that textus/praxis is both a deconstruction of familiar sign systems and discourses as well as a revisioning of them, making it a re-de-signing) of how we view students' literacy skills.

It's also where I discuss my three-pronged definition of textuality, and was an early and primary source for the students in my comics as literature courses (and it will be again, assuming its address sticks this time!). It has its rough edges, but I'm proud of it to this day. Recently, I was thinking about updating it and recreating it via old files I've got saved somewhere, but I like the option of clicking it in the above post title much better.

Check it out! Be awed at my sense of critical literacy and critical thought! And -- as you read -- consider that this was crafted before I had read a shred of multimodal/new literacies materials!

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