A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Real-Life Costumed Heroes Roaming America's Streets

I had seen the stories from smaller media outlets, but when CNN reported on the growing number of costumed vigilantes taking to the streets of America, I knew it was time to post something. There is a hero-tracking website called Superheroes Anonymous, even, where one can learn more about local lads and ladies patrolling the 'hood.

I'm sure this is a sign of the times somehow. CNN has it's take,which you can read by clicking the title to this post. Mine? I'm still up in the air on it, but that's because my super hero persona, the chubby guy who protects a few city blocks of West El Paso, can fly. ;)


Sean said...

Nifty! It's too bad Michigan's own Captain Jackson's (http://www.captainjackson.org/) alter ego was blown after a drunk driving arrest some years back, otherwise, he'd be on this map. I don't know for sure the current status of the Queen of Hearts, Crimefighter Girl or any other masked members of Captain Jackson's Crimefighter Corps. Supposedly, they're still active. While in Ann Arbor last weekend, I did run across a trio of furries wandering near downtown, but that's another kettle of costumed fish entirely ...

Bucky C. said...

Entirely, lol!