A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Friday, March 02, 2012

Comics News from "Bedford Bits": Big Things Coming!

Elizabeth Losh and Jonathan Alexander have posted a blog entry about using comics as historical primary sources, detailing Losh's work in a first-year college course, Media Seductions: Influence Theory from Plato to Battlefield 2. Read more about it here.

What is more exciting to me, though, is that Losh and Alexander are now going public with the news that their upcoming freshman composition textbook, Understanding Rhetoric, will soon be published by Bedford/St. Martin's. I was asked to provide feedback on this project waaaaay back when it was in script form, and did so with much interest.

It's been one of those "it's coming!" points of excitement that I've had to keep on the downlow for a couple of years now, but I'm happy to see that soon the world will know about this text, which should be a major contribution to the comics-and-education movement and to the lives and learning of many students.

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