A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Renowned Cartoonist May Seek Grant to Create Comic on Juarez Violence

Thanks to The Comics Reporter for bringing this to my attention. As readers of this blog know, one doesn't need a renowned comics artist from France to find comics dealing with violence in the Border Region: There are plenty of artists in El Paso and Juarez already exploring that theme in their works. But perhaps Edmond Baudouin could offer an outsider's perspective.

Here is a rough translation (via Google's translator tool) of an answer Baudouin gave about upcoming pet projects in a recent interview:

"If France will allow me, I have one. I asked a scholarship to go to the Mexican border in Ciudad Juárez. I would write a book about the city of bandits and drug traffickers, the drawing and ask the dreams of its inhabitants. I do not want to talk about death in the city where most people die in the world. "

The "dreams" angle would probably be a new one, as most of what I've read is horror-themed. I do hope Baudouin would make an effort to talk with current comics artists in the region if he were to gain his grant.

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"A Drinker with a Writing Problem..." said...

Wow, that would be really cool, maybe he can hook up with us and we can ALL colaborate on something!

The only thing that gets to me though is that we've been speaking on the issues with the border and violence for years now, but it only seems like recently the rest of the world is acknowledging that the artist struggle to express themselves amid death and chaos is relevent...I hope something positive comes of this though!

If you know them Bucky, give them our card!