A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tales of Vanity and Vengeance! Oscar Wilde Gets the Graphic Novel Treatment

Press Release: Eureka Productions is pleased to announce the publication of GRAPHIC CLASSICS: OSCAR WILDE, the sixteenth volume in the GRAPHIC CLASSICS series of comics adaptations of great literature.

GRAPHIC CLASSICS: OSCAR WILDE features "The Picture of Dorian Gray", Wilde's tale of narcissism and horror, adapted for comics by Alex Burrows and illustrated by Lisa K. Weber. Plus the comic satire "The Canterville Ghost" by Antonella Caputo and Nick Miller, "Lord Arthur Savile's Crime" by Rich Rainey and Rich Tommaso, and an adaptation of Wilde's exotic Biblical play "Salome,"illustrated by Molly Kiely.

GRAPHIC CLASSICS are available in bookstores, comics shops, or direct from the publisher at http://www.graphicclassics.com/.

“These are handsomely-crafted books presenting terrific stories.’”— Tony Isabella, Comics Buyer's Guide

“A splendidly inventive series.” — Malcolm Jones, Newsweek

“In short, every volume is highly recommended.’”— Paul Buhle, Rain Taxi


Bucky C. said...

Frankly, I'd rather see the story about him lecturing the miners on aesthetics illustrated, but these are good selections too!

Dale Jacobs said...

Wow -- a comics version of Salome is included as well. I'm very interested in seeing that adaptation. Thanks for posting this information.