A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Introducing _Super-Powered Word Study_!: Spec Art

(Color mock up for possible cover art)
Coming this fall, Super-Powered Word Study combines word sorting of roots and affixes with elements of dual coding theory, language exploration and awareness theory, creative writing and the best of visual literacy and comics-as-literacy research to bring folks in grades 5 and up exciting weekly activities designed to enhance students' vocabulary and linguistic inquiry skills.

Click the title to this link to learn a little bit more about this project from Maupin House, its publisher. Also, you can do a keyword search for "upcoming projects" on this blog for some teaser images.

While I can't yet show you the cover to the book, I happily show you some spec art for the project below. Enjoy, and if you like these images, just wait till you have the opportunity to see the entire project, set for release fall 2010!

(Various cover designs)

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