A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If You Liked _Adventures in Cartooning_...

...you'll probably like the new Adventures in Cartooning Activity Book, which really ought to be called an interactivity book.

Everyone's favorite knight is back, this time bored out of her mind during a rainy day. After complaining a bit, her friend suggests she make a comics story and then leads the way through an adventure that the reader gets to help craft.

While the first Adventures book seemed good for all ages regardless of probably trying to target younger kids and teens, the workbook has a decidedly children's book feel to it, but as someone who asks students at all levels to make comics in order to understand the work that goes into them, I can see the book being used in workshops for teachers and teacher educators.

Its one weakness might be that it offers information about comics form at the end, after the narrative experience, where it might have done better to offer it at the beginning, but, overall, this little text is a fun addition to the Adventures line that scaffolds comics creativity via interactive narrative before offering templates and terminology for readers to unleash their own comics-making beasts.

The Adventures in Cartooning Activity Book should be available from First Second any day now.

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Kevin Hodgson said...

I used a few pages from this activity book for my Webcomic Camp last week and it was very helpful. While the book itself seems more for younger kids, that pages I used were perfect for writing into the day activities.

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