A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Strongly-Worded Endorsements of Comics in the Classroom Becoming More Common?

I love that there is a new pack of writers who are pulling no -- or at least less -- punches when it comes to advocating for comics in the classroom. I've seen several as of late, and here are two:

As I and Hillary Chute and others have said, it does seem that the graphic novel or comics in general represent a medium that some folks, no matter what the evidence or potentials suggest, just will not accept, no matter what.

I'm probably as guilty of anyone of doing a little "Aw shucks! That's OK" acquiescence in that regard, though others might suggest I come on too strong to be convincing. Look, if people don't want to be convinced, virtually no amount of talk or research will sway them. BUT, that's no reason not eschew any apologetic modes and tell it like it is.

As does the writer of this article: "You can't possibly look at these offerings and not realize what a wonderful tool this genre has become, not only for entertaining but also for educating young people." OK, so it still has the annoying genre designation and claims that graphic novels have "upped their game" without recognizing that Gene Yang's Boxers & Saints, the article's main focus, while excellent, is far from the only excellent comic published in the last 5 years, but still! Gotta love the strength of those words. 

Also see David Cutler's excellent showcase piece posted to Edutopia. He begins his article on how he uses superhero comics like Superman and X-Men in the classroom: "It's high time for more English and history teachers to set aside their literary purism, and to embrace superhero comics as effective and legitimate teaching and learning tools."

Hells to the Yeah, my comics-teachin' brethern in arms! May the day come when it doesn't feel like such a battle. 

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