A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"This Looks Like Fun!": Mascot to the Rescue

From the HarperCollins website:

Josh Miller, sixth grader at Demarest Elementary School, has a secret. Everything that happens to Mascot, the superhero sidekick in the Captain Major comic books, also happens to Josh. So when Josh finds out that Mascot is slated to die in the next Captain Major adventure, he knows he has to do something—and fast! A budding comics artist and writer himself, Josh and his new friend, Kelsey (aka Large Lass), take off to find Stan Kirby, the creator of the Captain Major series, so they can save Mascot—and Josh's life.

Comic-book legend Peter David teams up with the renowned comics artist Colleen Doran in their first book for young readers.

Comics fans will note the reference/reverence to super-hero creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby , and it's about time sidekicks got in on the action since so many YA and traditional print novels have been exploring super-hero themes and tropes as of late. And as someone who shares a name with one of comics' all-time mascots (Captain America's Bucky), I'm partial to this sort of thing.
Soo fun! I wish they'd send me a review copy (hint, hint, if you're reading.....)

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