A Public Service Announcement! ;)

A Public Service Announcement! ;)

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Town's Super Hero could Beat your Town's Super -- Oh, That's Right: Your Town Doesn't HAVE A Super Hero!!

According to The Stiltman's blog and the Houston Chronicle, El Paso, Texas', and Juarez, Mexico's, combined 2 million residents now have their very own super hero protecting them from evil (and Asarco thought it had it tough before!!).

The Blue Beetle, formerly a Charlton Comics hero, then a DC Comics property, is a teenage resident of El Paso. So, this isn't the original Blue Beetle, but a high-tech, mystical version of the classic bug-themed crime fighter.

Now, why would this interest me? Because your very own ever-lovin' friendly neighborhood comics-and-education scholar will soon be taking his wares to The University of Texas at El Paso! That's right, starting this summer, I'll be on on faculty as an Assistant Professor of English Education.

Perhaps I can get Blue Beetle to stop by my graphic novel classes. Actually, with the title trying to reach out to Spanish-speaking residents, getting the writer to make a campus visit wouldn't be such a bad idea... Hmmm.....
Also see this interview with the writer:

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